Media coverage

Here you can find some of the media coverage of my research:

Check out this podcast where I chatted to Insitu science (a new science communciation program) about weevils, weapons, and what it’s like to be a scientist. Warning, there are many terrible puns within.


Radio New Zealand: I chat to Jesse Mulligan about the difference between harvestmen and spiders and why NZ harvestmen are so fascinating

New Scientist: Sword and dagger arachnid fights may explain weapon evolution (including photo by Tom Saunders)

Mailonline: The daddy long legs that fight like gladiators (including photos by Tom Saunders)

Giraffe weevils:

Radio New Zealand: Interview with summer student Maddi Thom

New Zealand Herald: The sex life of one of NZ’s strangest creatures

New Scientist: Sex secrets of the weevil with a curiously long snout

Science News: Sneaky little giraffe weevils beat big rivals

Nature World News: Sneaky smaller weevils get the girl too

TVNZ TV One News: The private lives of weevils

Radio New Zealand Our Changing World: Interview on 9 Feb 2012

Recently, the giraffe weevil came first-equal as New Zealand’s favourite Spineless Wonder – check it out here:

The giraffe weevils were filmed for an upcoming BBC Natural History series & feature in the Life Story book

You can also check out August 2013 Issue 349 Forest and Bird Magazine for “Sex by Stealth” by Jolene Williams that features my PhD research

Fiddler crabs

Mailonline: A sneaky way to pinch a mate

LifeScience: Male fiddler crabs entrap females in their bachelor pads

IF*&%ingLoveScience: Some fiddler crab males trap females in order to mate with them

UPI: Male crabs corner their mates to coerce sex


Spider Signals – NUS news

Straits Times “Spider study can light the way to new tech

General articles I’ve contributed to:

National Geographic “Weird animal question of the week” 

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