I am always happy to hear from students at all levels that are interested in gaining research experience. I am open to ideas if you have something you would like to work on that broadly fits into the lab’s research themes, but we can also discuss available projects.

Before you get in touch, check out some of our publications and have a think about what kind of project and supervision would work for you. Things you might like to think about include: Your ideal balance of lab vs field work, Would you like to travel for field work & for how long (day trips only, two weeks, 3 months)?, Would you prefer to be based entirely in Hamilton for your research?, What would your future dream job be?, Do you have any particular skills, techniques or gadgets you’d like to learn?

The University of Waikato offers MSc and PhD scholarships, and is a fantastic place to study. Hamilton is a relatively small but vibrant town to live and work, offering a fantastic mix of rural and city life.