Public talk on animal weapons in Singapore

I’m giving a public talk on animal weapons this Friday at the Nature Society of Singapore.

Details in case anyone is interested:

Little creatures with big guns: exploring the diversity of weapon evolution in beetles and harvestmen

Many animal species have evolved exaggerated structures like antlers, claws or spines. They use these as weapons during fights. Despite a long fascination with animal weapons, we still do not know a lot about why there is such remarkable diversity in the types of animal weapons. Dr Chrissie Painting has researched the evolution of weapons and the mating systems of several charismatic invertebrates including the New Zealand Giraffe Weevil and long-legged Harvestmen. Come along to learn why some animals have weapons and discover the curious behaviours used by males to win mates.


New Zealand giraffe weevil males competing for a female (one sneaking, one guarding!)

About the Speaker: Dr Chrissie Painting is a behavioural ecologist, currently working as a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore. Chrissie is from New Zealand, having completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours at Lincoln University in Canterbury in 2007, followed by a PhD at the University of Auckland in 2013. Although she has a broad interest in many aspects of natural history, Chrissie’s research to date has focused on understanding the fascinating mating systems of several small but charismatic insects and arachnids.

Friday 22nd Jan 7pm – 8pm

510 Geylang Road #02-05 The Sunflower Singapore 389466 (see red star on the map below)

Nature Society office


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